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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, you have to go to a baby shower.. and you HAVE to bring a book ("library showers" are all the rage)... So the mom-to-be isn't swimming in copies of Pat the Bunny and Goodnight Moon, here are my picks for coolest books for the little ones:

Alexander Girard Color Board Book $16
Alexander Girard was a 20th century designerwho dabbled in textile design, graphic design, typography, illustration, furniture design, interior design, product design, and architecture.  This book features super cool vintage illustrations in vivid colors.
I Can Do it Myself by Stephen Krensky $5.85
Adorable board book about toddler independence.  I love the the retro-style, screen-printed illustrations and cute, rhyming text.  The others in this set are just as cute!
Never Mind Your Ps and Qs- Here's the Punk Alphabet  by Paul McNeil and Barry Divola $22
Each letter of the alphabet is brought to life by elements of punk rock, including bands, fashions, and style. My favorite line: "M is for mohawk, a silly hairdo. It has lots of points, but it has no point, too."(Warning: See the warning.  Though awesome, this book is not for everyone.)

Little Helpers by Green Start $8.99

This earth-friendly series is made from 98% post consumer recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly inks. This book is so sweet and encourages children to take care of their earth.
Paul Thurlby's Alphabet $12.98
A is for awesome. Graphic artist Paul Thurlby presents a stunning alphabet that helps to make the shape of each letter memorable.
Numbers by Orla Kiely $7.98
Orla Kiely is world-famous fashion designer.  In this set she uses iconic shapes and patterns to teach about colors, shapes, and numbers.  

Mama and Baby by Amy Pixton $4.45

Indestructibles are chew-proof, rip-proof, non-toxic and 100% washable.  A must-have for those annihilating toddler years.
Babylit Set $49 (or around $8/ea on Amazon)

Introduces classic literature to little ones.  Included: Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Romeo & Juliet, etc. Simple stories, bright colors, bold illustrations.
Faces by David Goodman $13.96
Each page of this book shows different and creative ways of making faces: printing, collage, sculpture, etc. Plus, new details are revealed by lifting flaps, looking through holes, or turning the book upside down.

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