High and Low- Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reproduction mid-century modern sofas can often be just as expensive as their vintage counterparts! This DWR sofa with tax and shipping is over $3,800!  Here are some great alternatives to this clean, modern couch:

Bantam 73" Sofa from Design Within Reach  $2,180.00 - $3,900.00 depending on fabric choice
Clare 82” Fabric Sofa from Macy’s $599-$899 depending on sale prices that run year-long
Down Wrapped Bowie Sofa with Down Cushions from Overstock $1,299
Night and Day Convertible Sofa from Urban Outfitters $649.00

The Clare Sofa from Macy's is a great alternative! It's currently on sale for $599, or $798 if you want custom colors.  I'm told that these sale prices run 51 weeks out of the year (they take 1 week off so it can still technically be considered a "sale"), so don't think these prices are going anywhere anytime soon. 

Plus, for under $200 ($159 or $189, respectively) you can get a 7 year fabric and structural protection plan through Macy's.  They provide a furniture care kit to help remove stains, in-home repair if the kit doesn't work, and furniture replacement if repair is unsuccessful.  Plus, if you never use the service in 7 years, you get your money back via credit towards your next furniture purchase!  Amazing!

My review: I've had the Clare Sofa for over 5 years and it's held up amazingly! I've only needed the stain repair kit once (most stains come out with water- the fabric is awesome), the cushions are still full, and the fabric has only pilled a bit on one arm rest.  

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for this post. I had a question about your Clare Sofa: Which fabric/color did you go with? Some of the online reviews suggest pilling, lots of wear and tear showing quickly, but obviously yours has fared better!


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